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Immerse yourself in ancient wisdom, unleash your inner spirit, and find harmony with the ocean's powerful energy.


Experience a deep dive into the enchanting realm of Haitian Water Spirits at the Dancing Spirits: Haitian Dance & Wellness Retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


Experience a life-changing journey where you'll dance and sing to sacred rhythms honoring La Sirene, Met Agwe, Danbala, and Ayida Wedo. 

Guests will enjoy:


1. Luxurious Accommodations - single or double rooms are available at our adults only, all inclusive resort. Includes access to several restaurants, a gym, daily yoga,  rooftop pool, bar and lounge. 


2. Gourmet Dining -  Savor the flavors of Mexico with exquisite culinary experiences. You'll enjoy all-inclusive access to the resort's 5 restaurants and bars.  They are a mix of local and international cuisines, making every meal a celebration in itself.


3. Dancing Spirits Movement Workshops  - We'll learn Haitian folkloric dances honoring the water spirits, La Sirene, Met Agwe and serpent spirits, Danbala and Ayida Wedo.


4. Goodness In A Bowl: Spiritual Bath Workshop - This workshop is an invitation to create a sacred space for self-care and spiritual renewal through the art of crafting personalized spiritual baths.


5. Vodou Chants + Song - Learn the call-and-response, feel the power of the vibrant rhythms and learn to sing ancestral melodies, and connect with the spirit world. Come, sing for the spirits and find your own voice while moving your body to the infectious beats of Yanvalou, Parigol and Zepol


6. Film Screening - IMAMOU: Hôto to Shore | Agbé⚓️ Agwe - An official selection in the 7th Annual Haiti International Film Festival (HIFF), the film originally commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), premiered at DanceAfrica 2021. IMAMOU is an artistic + spiritual offering, highlighting ancestral connections, while honoring the energies of the sea divinities Agbè 🇧🇯 + Agwe 🇭🇹


Morning Yoga & Meditation

Embrace the sunrise with a gentle yoga flow and guided meditation, setting the tone for a day of connection and exploration.



Ample time is provided to fuel your spirit with a delicious breakfast buffet and then dive into your first morning session:

Dance Classes

"La Sirene: The Enchanting Queen of the Seas" - Explore the myths, rituals, and dances honoring La Sirene, the powerful Haitian Water Spirit. Learn basic movements and rhythms associated with her grace and allure.


"Danbala & Ayida Wedo: Serpents of Wisdom and Balance" - Discover the symbolism and dances honoring Danbala and Ayida Wedo, the powerful duo connected to renewal, healing, and the life force. Learn graceful movements and rhythmic patterns imbued with their energy.

"Yemoja Afrekete from Dahomey, West Africa, and Oxumare from Brazil" - Get ready to dance with joy and wisdom as we welcome back Asatu Hall to our Dancing Spirits community! In addition to dancing and singing to sacred Haitian rhythms, Asatu will complement the experience by leading us in vibrant explorations of two powerful deities.



"Crafting Sacred Waters: Goodness in a Bowl" - Delve into the world of Haitian Vodou bath rituals. Learn to prepare your own personalized spiritual bath for cleansing, blessings, and connecting with Danbala Wedo, Vodou Lwa of Peace, Purity and Clarity.

"Vodou Rhythms & Chants: Singing for the Spirits" - Uncover the power of call-and-response, the vibrant rhythms, and ancestral melodies associated with Haitian Vodou rituals. Learn foundational chants and connect with the spirit world through your voice.

Movie Screening

"IMAMOU: Hôto to Shore | Agbé⚓️ Agwe" - Immerse yourself in this poetic short film exploring ancestral connections and honoring ocean divinities.  Followed by conversation with the director and principals in the film. 

Spa & Rooftop Lounge

Each guest has the opportunity to enjoy a hydrotherapy spa experience, rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.  Access to the rooftop lounge, including pool, games, Jacuzzi and restaurant are also included.


We are excited to welcome you to Mexico and are looking forward to hosting a transformative experience!


We are hosting the retreat in an all-suite, adults-only resort.  Our location is one block from Playa del Carmen's world-famous beaches, and is steps away from La Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue - Playa's central shopping and entertainment district.

What's Included

Travel & Accommodations

  • Single or double occupancy in deluxe junior suite

  • All inclusive food and beverages

  • R/T ground transportation from CUN

  • Local ground transportation in PDC


Wellness / Relaxation

  • Daily yoga

  • Guided meditations

  • Hydrotherapy Spa Session

Classes, Workshops & More

  • Folkloric Dance

  • Making and using spiritual baths

  • Vodou Rhythms and Songs

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